Matthew 18:15 3/11/16



Matthew 18:15

“If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over.”

Thank you for your Word Lord. Please continue to show me the importance of seeking you through your Word. Show me now Lord what you want me to learn from this verse.

In Matthew chapter 18, verses 15-20 speak about the dealing with sin of fellow believers. First go to that individual by yourself. If they don’t listen, bring one or two more with you to confront them. If they still don’t listen get a leader in the church involved. And if all fails, treat them as you would a non-believer or a tax collector. This doesn’t mean slander them because they are a tax collector. No, how did Jesus treat tax collectors and pagans? He loved them! He spent time with them. He invested into them. They just aren’t held to the same standards as a believer.

So, Matthew starts out verse 15 by saying “If your brother or sister sins.” Personally, I think he should of started by saying, “When your brother or sister sins.” Though I desire to follow Christ, I am human and therefor will sin. Matthew says if they have sinned go and point out their sin just between the two of you. Do this that they may listen and an authority doesn’t have to get involved. Often times if you go to the person by yourself that person is more receptive because the one on one shows sincerity. You aren’t just going straight to others or authority to malign them or get that individual in trouble. Often times people get a bad taste in their mouth from Christians because of the insincerity that can so easily prevail in certain confrontational situations. The idea is to help out your brother or sister by helping them see their need for Jesus. Show them where they are going wrong so that healing may come. It says in Matthew 5:13 we are to be the salt of the earth. Along with many other things, one of the properties of salt is that it can be used for healing. If you soak a wound in salt it heals that ailment. If you put too much salt in however, it stings really bad and makes you want to take that wound out of the salt soak as fast as possible. The same goes for confronting others. Unfortunately often times when people confront others it is too much truth and no love. Paul says in Ephesians 4:15, speak the truth in love. When there is no love with the truth, because we are humans, people get turned off immediately. Without love sincerity is hardly found. So is the same with the opposite side of the salt scale. Too little salt has very little effect. Often times I give too much love and don’t give enough truth. I don’t like to rustle many feathers, so often times I will drench the truth in love so much so that it becomes soggy and ineffective. I pray that the Lord can grow me in this manner to show me the balance of sharing the truth in love that Paul talks about in Ephesians.

Jesus calls us to be, Jesus calls me to be, the salt of the earth. That through the coming along side of others, I may help bring God’s healing. Not because of me, for I am only the conduit, but so the Lord can use me to help turn others from their sin and bring them closer to himself.

Thank you Lord for the everlasting truth that you never fail to reveal to me when I humble myself and allow you to do so. Let me not forget that dynamic Jesus

Application: When I see a brother or sister in need of Godly corrections. I will confront them by myself in hopes to restore and bring healing.

How: Today, I will take some time to seek the Lord asking Him to teach me the balance of sharing the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) so that I may be a tool the Lord can use to bring others closer to himself.



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