Amos 3:3 3/7/16



Amos 3:3

“Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?”

Alright Lord, this verse seems pretty simple. Teach me please.

Why would two walk together if they are in disagreement? I would not want to be with, walk with or operate with someone who constantly disagrees with me and goes against what I say. It’s way easier to walk along side someone who agrees with what you’re saying. I like to think that God and I are like the first of those two scenarios; that we constantly agree and that it’s easy to submit to what he says all the time. Unfortunately I fall under the latter of the two scenarios most of the time. And most of the time it’s not out of malicious intent that I disagree and disobey the Lord. The majority of the time it’s because I’m self-centered and neglect Him. I look to my own strength, my own knowledge, and my own plans. This renders disagreement between the Lord and I (only because of me, not Him by any means, He is God Almighty). Looking back at this verse I can see clearly that when I do this, I am in fact not walking with the Lord. “Do two walk together unless they have agree to do so?” The agreement is up to me. God has his way, his plan, and his truth. If I disagree its all on me. That is convicting. God lays out the way he is walking and if I “disagree” or choose my own way I am choosing to not walk with the Lord. Short and sweet.

Application: How can I walk with the Lord if I choose my own way constantly?

How: Tomorrow I will fast breakfast and spend intimate time seeking the Lord.


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