Ephesians 6:1/ Colossians 3:20 2/18/16



Ephesians 6:1

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.”

Colossians 3:20

“Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord”

Two verses, one theme. Obey your parents, for this is right, as well as pleasing to the Lord. Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. I have been extremely blessed with the two people I am privileged to call mom and dad. Its ridiculous. How did I get them as my parents? I have two God-fearing parents. They are married and love my sister and me unconditionally. I realize that this is very rare and to say I am thankful is an overwhelming understatement. They are two of the three human beings that I love most on this earth. More than ever, this time away from them has made me even more thankful for them! I honestly don’t know what else to say but thank you. They leave me speechless. Thankfully they make obeying them relatively easy. I know, because of the way they have brought me up, that they love me and when they tell to do things its because they love me. Unfortunately I have chosen to realize this too late in certain areas of my life. The area that sticks out to me is “girls”. I was disobedient when it came to girls in high school. I wasn’t supposed to date. That was my parents ruling. I decided, that would be fine, I’ll just do everything I would with a girl as if I’m dating her and tell people we’re not dating. Good idea Sam, that worked out well. I made this mistake a couple times. Now in acting in this way, I was living in disobedience against my parents. Anyone who has lived in disobedience to their parents knows that this never turns out well. Of course it was awkward between my parents and I. They would bring it up and I would play it off as less than it was. They did what they could to help me, but I liked “my way” better. But, eventually I came to place where it was unhealthy to the point of where I just couldn’t handle it any more. But I was scared to come to parents. I thought they would be mad. I thought they would condemn me. Granted they have never acted in those manners in the past it was just a lie from the enemy. But finally, after I laid it all out on the table my parents were the greatest help in the situations I got my self into with the females. My relationships with the both of them grew exponentially. It was so foolish to think, number one, that I could live in direct disobedience to my parents and have it work out, and two, that they would allow anger to eliminate me from their help. My parents have done what they have, and continue to do what they do because they love me. They are my biggest fans! Because they seek the Lord in the ways they have raised me, it has always paid off to obey them. Thank you Lord for reminders in your Word to obey my mom and day. Please continue to soften my heart and help me honor my parents by being obedient to them.

How: It’s hard because my parents deserve a freaking island, but I obviously can’t give them an island. However, I believe that I can thank them just as effectively by sharing these feelings with them. I will write my parents a letter of thanks and appreciation doing my best to reciprocate the love they have given me all my life.


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