Psalm 111:10 1/25/16

Hello friends, this is the first of many IBS’s I will be posting. IBS stands for Inductive Bible Study. It is when you take a scripture from the Bible and inductivily observe, interpret, and then apply it to your life. Hope they encourage you.


Psalm 111:10


Observation: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Not wisdom attained, but the inception of where wisdom begins. Following the ways of the Lord allows for the understanding of what it means to fear and serve Him. He deserves all thanks praise and glory forever.

Interpretation: Just because I fear the Lord, does not mean I have attained wisdom. It is just the start of growing in the Lord. I won’t learn things from a teacher that I do not respect. A teacher I do not fear I will not glean knowledge from. How could I grow in knowledge without a reverence towards my teacher, and in this instance the greatest teacher and most deserving of my fear, the Lord? As I follow the ways of the Lord, seeking Him and listening and yielding to the moving of his Spirit, I will begin to grow in understanding. Not that I will one day “make it” and understand God, because I never will, being that He is God, and eternal infinite being, and I am a mere finite human. But as I “follow his precepts” as it says in the verse, He will teach me His principles and guidelines for my life and I will have understanding of what it means to obey the Lord because of a healthy fear reverence for Him. For this, He is well deserving of my never-ending praise.

Application: Today, I will not allow my self, specifically my pride and fear, to hinder my worship of Him. Worship in every aspect, not just through song.

How: Every time I feel my cares or doubts creeping in, to refocus I will literally thank the Lord for at least one thing I am blessed by including the fact that the Lord gives me knowledge when I commit to following His instructions, precepts, for me in His word.




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