Matthew 11:19 1/25/16


Matt 11:19

“ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is proved right by her deeds.”

Observation/Interpretation: The Son of Man, Jesus, came to earth. The people He chose to spend his time with were tax collectors, sinners, the least of these. It says he came eating and drinking. Culturally, meals were the most effective times of fellowship. You broke bread with those who you desired relation with. Jesus broke bread with those who weren’t “desirable” and looked down upon. He put his time and energy in those who other wise would be forgotten. This to the outsider looking in looked extremely odd, especially because of who Jesus claimed to be, the Son of God. It looked foolish to those looking on. To others, it was wise to stay away from those who Jesus spent his time with. This brought me to the end of this verse. “But Wisdom is proved right by her deeds.” Jesus was definitely not deemed wise by those who believed to be wise themselves. But as the verse says, wisdom IS proved by her deeds. Jesus came not to cater to the “healthy” but to heal the sick. He came to find those who are lost, save those who are drowning, catch those who are falling. His act on the cross, proved his life to be filled with the most wise of deeds. Those same tax collectors, sinners and least of these were transformed, not because they could only look on the outside of Jesus’ life, but because Jesus put himself in theirs. I also am changed by Jesus not only because of the example Jesus set for me, but because of the way he has shown up in my life too!

Application: Wisdom, in the end WILL prove herself by her deeds. I can’t let myself, in my pride and fear, get in the way of the deeds I know the Lord is calling me to do. I don’t want to be like the self-righteous who thought themselves to be the wise ones, condemning Jesus for spending time with those who needed him most. Jesus let his actions prove themselves wise. I know personally some people, some of who I call my close friends that are lost and grasping for things to fulfill them. Often times I act as the “they” in this verse, thinking it wise to stay away because I am bitter towards them. Frustrated at the decisions they have made in their life. Just wanting to give up on them. The Lord used this verse to convict me. If I claim I want to be like Jesus my heart should break for these friends and I should be praying for them and investing them, loving them like Jesus has loved the filthy sinner in me!

How: Today I will make a physical list of those friends to remind me to pray for them and invest in them regardless of my bitter feelings for them. If Jesus can love me, I can love them.




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