Luke 21:19 2/1/16


Luke 21:19

“ Stand firm, and you will win life”

Observation/Interpretation/Application: What is standing firm? I immediately thought of trying to stand when the waters of the ocean are washing over your feet, whether it’s the tide going back out to form another wave or a ripping current that tries to take you sideways. To stand in that water is a challenge. I likened this to my life, as the second half of the verse says “and you will win life.” At first I thought it was saying that if I stand firm I will win at life, like I’m doing it right. I win life. But as I looked at it more, this is obviously not talking about life here on earth. Most of chapter 21 is talking about end times. Jesus is telling his disciples that in the end times there will be persecution. Terrible things will go down. He tells the disciples of these things and that if they bear testimony to the Lord’s name, standing firm in tribulation, verse 15 says Jesus will give words and wisdom that no one can stand against. In doing so they will win life. Not life on this earth but eternal life in heaven. I thought of this in context to my own life. Trials, fears, and lies all try and take root in my life constantly. It is a constant battle, every day. From when I wake up to when I wake up the next day. No seconds off. If I’m not thinking in the offence constantly, that is the exact moment in which the enemy will capitalize on my lazy mindset. The waves will sweep me away into the see. Standing firm to me is keeping that spiritual battle mindset. Seeking the Lord and keeping my faith in Him regardless of if I feel deserving of God’s love, because the reality is, it doesn’t matter if I feel worthy of love or not because Jesus has already paid the price for me. Following Jesus is standing firm. Submitting to His will is standing firm. Becoming like Jesus is standing firm. Being in the world and NOT OF the world is standing firm. Holding fast my faith in Jesus is standing firm. In turn, this and only this grants eternal life.

How: Tonight I will pray with Sean specifically asking the Lord for a warriors mindset so as to not be caught on my heels and taken advantage of by the devil.



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